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Citizen TV’s Reporter and Anchor Hassan Mugambi recently made headlines when he slapped idlers who stood on his way as he recorded his news item. Uknown or known to him, the whole fiasco was live on TV. Many journalists hailed him for doing all he could to give us a good shot of the story. It all started when the security team gathered to brief the media on the developments of the Dusit D2 attack. As the pressmen switched on their cameras to get the story, onlookers and idlers swinging their smartphones started blocking the main press view, prompting Hassan Mugambi to take the law into his hands.

This gives us a picture of the challenges that reporters go through in order to bring us the story. Yesterday, Hassan Mugambi and Rashid Abdalla hosted online comedians Henry Desagu and Alex Mathenge in their Friday show, Sema na Citizen. Alex Mathenge, who makes his comedies depicting interesting lives of the Kenyan Policemen, decided to do a parody of Hassan’s arrest, albeit jokingly..

Here is the video, which had many people believing it as an actual arrest, judging from the comments therein.

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