Nonini to sue Safaricom over use of his lyrics in GIGA BUNDLE-1GB Radio Advert


Genge Godfather Hubert Mbuku Nakitare, aka Nonini is about to take legal action against Safaricom after they chose to use his phrase ‘GIGAGAGAGAGA’ in the promo on 1GB Gigabyte promotion.

Nonini who is currently in the states for a gig claims that Safaricom through Scanad used words and expressions from his ‘Manzi wa Nairobi’ hit without his consent.

Safaricom’s creative team wrote to Nonini asking to use the said lyric to advertise the 1GB data bundle valid for 24 hours.

His manager, he says, then wrote back to Scanad with an amount to be paid, but Scanad claimed that Safaricom can not be able to part with such an amount.

Safaricom went ahead and used the lyric without any settlement.

“This is the don’t care attitude that musicians face in this country where intellectual property is taken advantage of by corporate entities time and again. They have to be held accountable at some point,” he says.

Have a listen at the both clips here.

A snippet of Nonini’s Song;

A clip of The Radio Spot Ad that ran on Classic 105 FM breakfast show.

Safaricom and Scanad should be very worried because in Tanzania, such a case costed TIGO Kshs 96 million after Musicians AY and Mwana FA dragged them to court for using their intellectual property without their knowledge.

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