KTN’s Yvonne Okwara headed to Citizen TV?


It appears that this time of the year is the perfect transfer window in the media industry.

Be it Radio, Print, Online or even TV, human personnel is changing work places left right center, and no media house wants to be left behind.

It started with Radio, with Jalang’o leaving Radio Maisha to join Jeff Koinange on Hot 96 late last year. Nick Odhiambo left Classic 105 to pursue Swahili Radio on Radio Maisha.Though it was shortlived and he did little to add to the stations ratings, he was quickly moved to the evening show where he now hosts a Rhumba show. Chipukeezy was rumored to be  joining Radio Maisha but overstayed in the US for a few days, forcing Tom Japanni to look for Captain Otoyo eho moved from Milele FM to Radio Maisha.

In TV, Linus Kaikai moved to Royal Media, Joe Ageyo followed suit with Jamila Mohammed as well as Victoria Rubadiri who is also said to be moving to Citizen TV. Larru Madowo also quit NTV and landed a lucrative job at BBC Africa.

Well, it appears the media musical chairs is far from over.

It is now being said in the media corridors that Yvonne Okwara is following Joe Ageyo to Citizen TV and is serving her notice period as we went to press.

We can only wish her the best as she is one of the best interviewers we have around.

The big question is, who is being relieved of his or her duties to make room for these bigwigs?

Keep it here for more scoops.


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