Kirinyaga Deputy Governor caught up in bed with a married woman!


Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri has been caught sleeping with a married woman at the devolution conference currently being held in Kakamega.

A video of the scuffle was recorded in what appears to be a pure stage managed set up. Three Kirinyaga men are heard and partly seen assaulting the deputy governor and his ‘acting’ lover. In a normal infidelity case where a human being has caught his or her lover in the act, there is normally a serious fight and bones breaking. But here, Kenyans are treated to an acting episode where men are askingĀ  the DG to sau his full names and that he is the governor’s deputy in Kirinyaga.

This begs the question, where were his aides? Why did he chose a dingy lodging while he is a moneyed individual? Its highly suspicious that the woman lured him to a hiding place away from the public only for him to be waylaid by the extortionists. It is even possible that after the recording of the video, he must have been asked to pay some money which he refused and the men released the said video.

On another thought, this may have been a plan by his detractors all through. To set him up using a woman, like Delilah in the bible and embarrass him. The video has now circulated in almost all Whats app groups, apart from Church groups, Prayer warriors and work groups.

Then again, why embarrass the man and not the woman who was on the wrong as per the storyline. It maybe a case of a well orchestrated plan to force the deputy governor to step down on grounds of integrity. But again, this is Kenya. The Deputy Governor will be more popular than ever before, and blame his enemies.


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