Diamond Platnumz features Zari in ‘IYENA’- Weds her


By TON Admin.

Zari the bosslady dumped Diamond Platnumz on February 14th by uploading a grey rose flower on lovers day.

The bad thing with celebrities is that you will never know when they are doing stuff for real, or when they are playing around with your minds for showbiz survival.

So the two-Diamond and Zari have not been talking ever since. But a day ago, a wedding video surfaces on Diamond’s YouTube Channel titled ‘IYENA’.

Guess who features in the wedding video as the vixen, Zari herself. Keeps us wondering!

Was the video shot before they broke up? Or did Diamond Platnumz pay his baby mama a handsome cheque for her to appear in the video and push the song to great heights?

Which is which? Sample the song here.

The song is gaining so much traction that in 19 hours, the video had already hit 1,000,000 views on YouTube.

Diamond Platnumz keeps breaking his own records.

What is funny is that some East Africans think that the wedding actually happened for real. Whats your thought?

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