Tuesday, March 26, 2019
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Rashid Abdalla quits NTV, headed to Citizen TV

By TON Editor. Sources at Nation Centre claim that NTV Swahili News reader and reporter Rashid Abdalla may be taking a new role at Citizen TV. Royal Media Services has been on a hunting spree, with KTN and NTV being the most affected. NTV lost Linus Kaikai, Victoria Rubadiri among other notable names while KTN lost Yvonne Okwara, Joe Ageyo among other...

TZ: Was Sam wa Ukweli Bewitched?

By Editor, TON. Tanzanian musician Sam Wa Ukweli is dead.Sam died on Wednesday night at Palestina Hospital in Dar es Salaam.The musician had complained of headache and suffocation while in studio.He collapsed and started sweating.When the ones around saw he was seriously in need of medical attention, they rushed him to Palestina Hospital where he was pronounced dead. See what his...

Nonini to sue Safaricom over use of his lyrics in GIGA BUNDLE-1GB Radio Advert

Genge Godfather Hubert Mbuku Nakitare, aka Nonini is about to take legal action against Safaricom after they chose to use his phrase 'GIGAGAGAGAGA' in the promo on 1GB Gigabyte promotion. Nonini who is currently in the states for a gig claims that Safaricom through Scanad used words and expressions from his 'Manzi wa Nairobi' hit without his consent. Safaricom's creative team...

Ann Ngirita relative claims CID officer framed them after failed sexual advances

By Editor, TON. Jeremiah Ngichini Ngirita of the Ngirita family has claimed to have been working with the Chief Investigating Officer Mike Julius Kingoo Muia, in an affidavit dated June 7. The Ngirita kin says that their company has been actively trading in partnership with Kingoo to the National Youth Service  since 2014. “I together with Mike Julius  Kingoo Muia have been carrying...



Business: Little Cab sells 10% of it’s shares to an Indian Investor

By Tech Editor, Talk of Nairobi.   Kenyan taxi-hailing app, Little Cab, has sold just under 10 percent of its shareholding to an Indian investor for 3 million dollars. It reported today Kamal Budhabhatti, CEO, Little Cab said the the investment was unplanned and that Little would still raise another $100 million for African market expansion. He added that Little Cab had started...

New Song: Big Shaq- Man Don’t Dance

By TON Editor in Chief. After his breakthrough hit 'Mans never Hot', Big Shaq-the one and only is back with another banger. Big Shaq- real names Michael Dapaah released the audio version on his YouTube Channel and fans all over the world can't wait to have the video out. Have a listen at the Island Records released banger Man Don't Dance. https://youtu.be/jV57sz3_UKo

FALZ: This is Nigeria

By TON Admin. Nigerians will never cease to amaze us. If they are not turning each other into chicken in their movies, then they are stealing music beats from all over Africa and creating their own. That second situation has been proven true after Falz the Bahd Guy remixed the song by 'Childish Gambino'-This is America and created his own banger 'This...

Top Trending Videos on YouTube- 03-06-2018

By TON Editor-in-Chief 1. Diamond Featuring RayVanny- IYENA https://youtu.be/gNXTu6T20n8 2. Sauti Sol X Nyashinsky- Short and Sweet https://youtu.be/9SciUYMSnBs 3: Maroon 5- Girls Like You ft. Cardi B https://youtu.be/aJOTlE1K90k 4: Githeri Man in rehab. https://youtu.be/bhTwoYvBB3w 5: What Zari wrote after IYENA was released by Diamond Platnumz https://youtu.be/kx7yOqFo4sw

Diamond Platnumz features Zari in ‘IYENA’- Weds her

By TON Admin. Zari the bosslady dumped Diamond Platnumz on February 14th by uploading a grey rose flower on lovers day. The bad thing with celebrities is that you will never know when they are doing stuff for real, or when they are playing around with your minds for showbiz survival. So the two-Diamond and Zari have not been talking ever since....