Missing activist Caroline Mwatha found dead after failed abortion


Written by TON Writer.

Police spokesperson Charles Owino has confirmed that missing human rights activist  Caroline Mwatha was found dead at the city mortuary. Caroline Mwatha, who used used her voice to talk about extra-judicial killings had been missing from last week Wednesday.

According to her daughter and neighbours, she dropped her daughter in school but never returned to pick her as usual, forcing her daughter to use other ways to find her way home.

Amnesty International raised the alarm on her disappearance, while fellow human rights activists held vigil at Dandora Justice Center during her 5 days of disappearance. This is owing to the fear of her being eliminated given her work lobbying against extra judicial killings by the police.

Mwatha, who was five months pregnant had died at a local clinic where she had gone for an abortion. It’s the clinic’s owner and a doctor who admitted that they took her body to the city mortuary and booked her under a different name, claiming she died due to diarrhoea. Police had obtained SMS messages of her planning the abortion with the private clinic owner.

The clinic owner and the doctor are in police custody.

It is claimed that Caroline Mawathe is married, and her husband resides in Dubai. She got pregnant for a guy named Alex from Dandora, and she sought the services of a backstreet clinical doctor to procure an abortion, so as to save her marriage.

Abortion is illegal in Kenya, except in circumstances where the mother’s life is in grave danger.

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